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July 2024 Pup of the Month!

Joey & Opal

Joey is a dog’s forever alumni! His name was Rocky, but he has one eyebrow that goes up, like Joey from friends. Opal  joined this family shortly after the passing of another pup, Max. Joey was grieving and needed a friend, and he got one! Opal just turned three in April, and Joey will be 5 in October, and they are polar opposites. Joey has a gypsy soul, and Opal is sweet and spicy. They’re both hilarious and bring lots of laughter to every day.


Meet Knox! Knox is a (guessed to be) 3-year-old lab mix weighing about 74 pounds. He thinks he is a lap dog! He enjoys walks and does well on them, likes to play, but really likes to snuggle. He is dog friendly. Because he is a big boy, we think he would prefer a fully fenced yard so he can run and play safely. He is a big, sweet boy! 

 Learn more about Knox at


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